The above photo is one of the early company buses, a 1948 Guy (Arab) half cab, with a 5 cylinder Gardner diesel engine.

Cambridge Travel Lines has been operating since the mid 1950's. The company has at various times been involved in most areas of transport, including trucking, agricultural contracting, and taxies. At present our primary business is passenger transport, the main areas being school runs (Ministry of Education, direct re sourced, and private), urban services and charter work. This side of the business had a gradual growth period through to the 80's when the implementation of the M.O.E contracts began. We now operate a fleet of over 50 vehicles.

To the right is a 1952 Leyland Comet 90. A mainstay of NZ Railways for many years, before being bought by bus operators such as ourselves.

The below photo is one of the company's later vehicles, a 2011 Zonda, Euro five bus. 

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